Spike is loving, playful and adores attention. He'll let you know if he's not getting enough attention. He's spent his entire life with his sister, Ginger, and we'd like to keep them together if at all possible. Ginger is very loving, lovable and playful (when she wants to be), but a lot of time she just likes her space. She takes a lot from her brother, but also knows how to dish it out when n...
Murray is a shiny black American short hair guy with a knob and bend in the tip of his tail. He is loving and has a adorable voice. He makes kitty biscuits on you and really enjoys being petted and groomed. Murray is a feel great kitty his fur is soft like a rabbit s and you can feel your blood pressure lowering when you pet him.
Bagheera was only a kitten when we got her and she has always been precious and loving. She is about one year and is so good with my children four and 8. She loves playing with little toys she can chase around on the floor and cuddling. She s calm and precious and loves playing with her brother Simba. I would hope them to stay together but time is short and they must be rehomed soon
Cute, loving, active, cuddly, social! These are a few of Booberrys qualities. Come and meet her in person in our cage-free adoption center. She and her littermates were rescued from a high kill shelter and she is ready to get on with life in a home...
We adopted her at Petco as a kitten about four years ago. She has been an inside kitty her entire life. She's a adorable baby and will make you very happy.
Waldo is a friendly kitty who seeks attention, likes people and children, is naturally curious.and funny. He has lovely Tabby markings and color. He was adopted from a no kill shelter in Colorado at 1yr old. He has been with a companion cat for 8yrs, "Morgan a stunning black and white kitty, also up for adoption. I didn't see a way to post them together, but it would be nice if they could remai...
A group of 4 home cats. 1. Whole black, Female, American long hair, A sister of Tomuch. Adopted from a neighbor as the husband would like to kill the cat. Named Tomany. 2. Light colored-one, Female, Csianis, a sister of Tomany, named Tomuch. 3. The big cat, tabby, mixed color. Male, American Short hair, named Teeter. 4. Calico, Mixed brown & black color, Female, American Short hair, named Kid. ...
I am an eleven year old female short hair tuxedo cat with the greenest eyes and whitest whiskers. I am named Knuckles because of my white paws and the notch on my ear I look like a fighter even though I have the prettiest personality and never get into trouble. I love a great chin scratch. If you re lucky, I ll even roll around on my back for a belly rub! While I am curious, the outdoors can be...
I am a nine year old male shorthair tuxedo cat. I am mostly black with giant paws. Hence the name: Mitts! Some think I may be part Parlor Panther due to my coloring and size. Panther or not, I am a lovable boy who wants to be loved and cuddled. I am great with children and dogs. I am micro chipped and will venture outside to play and explore but am mainly an indoor kinda guy. Like many male cat...
We need to find a good loving home for Chanook. His owner has fallen into some difficult times and is no longer able to care for her cat. I promised her I would find him a good home. He is currently staying with me but, I have 2 other cats that are not so friendly. Chanook is very lovable and loving. He would do well with other friendly cats or, perhaps even other animals. We are looking for ow...
Morgan is a lovely black and white kitty, his coat is smooth and shiny, he is pretty independent, but adores attention and to sit and sleep on your lap when he makes the choice. He has a companion kitty that has been with him for 8 yrs. a shorthair tabby Waldo who is also up for adoption. I had to put him seperate as this site didn't have an option for 2 pets together. Waldo is a character and ...
When Armando bonds with you, you will know it! This big guy snuggles up to you and makes lots of snorty noises and pushes his head against you. He is shy at 1st but when he mellows out, the REAL Armando comes out and he will be your best friend. Armando likes other cats and gets along with them. We do not recommend young kids but kids 8yrs and older would be fine. Not sure about dogs but a mell...
A sister of Tomuch. Adopted from next neighbor as the husband would like to kill the cat.
Karina has the classic high cheekbones and gorgeous eyes of the American and European short hair breeds. Lovable, absolutely a lap kitty, cuddly, active, nice with other cats and adores people. Karina has a super-size primordial pouch to fill with love ...
Karina has the classic high cheekbones and gorgeous eyes of the American and European short hair breeds. Wonderful, absolutely a lap kitty, cuddly, active, great with other cats and adores people. Karina has a super-size primordial pouch to fill with love for her family. So cute when she runs! Come and visit her in person.
Hi, everyone! My name is Emily. I am 1 of the Gilmore Girls kitties, along with my sister Rory and my foster sister Lorelai. I am the adventurer of the group. I like to climb things. I love to get up on the top of the scratching post and reach my paw out to get the attention of my foster mama until she picks me up. Once she picks me up, I like to pet her face and give her chin kisses and purr r...
Chester came to us after sustaining major head trauma likely due to abuse. He had a fractured mandible and damage to his nasal sinus. After being examined at Oaks Veterinary Urgent Care it was determined that he did indeed need to under go reconstruc...
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